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I decided to give it a go and make a second contest for this group ;) I really wanted to follow one of Red Wedding ideas but since some of the members simply don't know what RW is, I decided for something different.

Theon Greyjoy contest! Draw Theon in any pose you want, in any condition (Theon/Reek), from your imagination or from the TV series.  Give him a scene or draw him alone. It all depends from you!

The contest starts today 7th April 2013 and ends 18th May 2013. So you have plenty of time!

Have fun with that!

Now I am going to make a folder for it. Remember, I can give extensions!
What would you people say about new contest? :) Any ideas for the theme?
Thank you everyone who voted (both in journal and notes and even those who bothered me privately ;p (you know your names ^^).

I have pleasure to show you results of Danerys Targaryen contest! It was awesome competition, really, and all arts are beautiful :)

First place was won by vvveverka with her Daenerys Stormborn piece!

Second place in won by AnnemiekedW with her Daenerys Targaryen (III) piece!

Third place is won by Amatheva with her Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen piece!

Congrats to the winners! :la:

And thank you for participating :)
This is contest page where you can see how much points have our contestants. :)

3 points

- (first place in Danenerys Targaryen contest with…)

2 points

- (second place in Daenerys Targaryen contest with…)

1 point

- (third place in Daenerys Targaryen contest with…)
The contest with dany has ended, now time for voting :)

Please vote for pictures from "Daenerys Targaryen Contest" section. Tell me which picture (one) should win the contest, if we get a tie, I will make additional voting.

The game is started and will last to 21st June ^^

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